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... your work team playing together

... stepping "out of their box" all at the
    same time

... reaching a new level of
    intercommunication never before

... watching innovative skills emerge

... unleashing creativity they never knew
    they had.

We can help make it happen!

Our corporate workplace programs offer unique and exciting methods that create pathways for your company's greatest asset  its employees to work together in newfound ways.

Studies have shown that the number one factor in productivity, morale and retention in the workplace is relationships.

The hands-on rhythmic experience engages mind, body, and spirit for a full integration of teamwork concepts. 

Group drumming empowers people to see beyond their perceived boundaries, and brings to the surface what is difficult to express in words alone.

It enhances communication and boosts morale.

replaces competition.

Through the group drumming experience, participants form new communication networks, push the limits of their own potential, and realize the positive outcome of creating together.

The need for in-the-moment improvisational problem solving reacting to change is increasingly necessary in today's business world.

One of the biggest challenges your workplace team may face is sharing their varying degrees of knowledge.

In a Roots To Rhythm program, interpersonal relationships and communication are improved as participants experience a heightened openness to others during the improvisational creative process.

Through this improvisational process, participants learn to release their fears and feeling the need to be perfect. Instead, creativity emerges, which turns into excitement and imagination, which helps break "out of the box" of doing things the same way over and over again.

A successful organization is one where people work together, in the moment, simultaneously creating and receiving in an energetic and joyful environment. The drum circle is a metaphor of this organizational culture.

Through specifically guided rhythmic activities and discussion, participants gain personal insights and group connections that spark personal and organizational growth Outcome From Within!

Roots To Rhythm corporate and workplace programs are appropriate for:

  • Strategic Planning Meetings

  • Seminars

  • Professional Development Training

  • Social Gatherings, Company Parties

  • Conferences

  • Teambuilding Workshops

  • Special Promotional Events

  • Retreats


Inspiration  *  Leadership  *  Listening  *  Teamwork  Play  *  Adaptations  *  Out-Of-The-Box Thinking Empowerment  *  Communication  *  Energy  *  Humor  Sharing  *  Self-Confidence  *  Networking
Excitement  *  Released Potential  *  Integration
Cooperation  *  Enthusiasm  *  Diversity  *  Motivation  Unity  *  Spontaneity  *   Enrichment  *  Confidence
*  Hands-On Fun!  *


Our Leadership Development programs for both adults and youth focus on individual self-development and team building.

Participants are offered leadership roles in the circle that give them a chance to break through fear barriers while in a supportive environment, and enjoy opportunities of success that help develop their self-confidence in leadership.

Our programs explore the creation of interdependence while still fostering self-motivation.

In our fun, 100% participatory programs, your group experiences and learns that all contributions are important to the whole team.

Roots To Rhythm leadership programs are perfect for business and youth retreats, workplace trainings and staff development, youth conferences, or camps.

Business and Leadership Development programs will be designed to meet your organization's needs, themes, and time schedule.



"What we
call results are

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

buffalo drum

"Work and play are
rooted in the
very nature of things.
If the universe itself
is not playful and
creative, then how
could creativity arise
in human beings?"

-- David Fiedler

Upward Bound Program

"The rich connectivity provided
by progressive archetypes of interaction makes it more likely that a collective faced with a situation in which it does not
know what to do will find
among its members a way forward, or that its members
will interact in a manner that generates a way forward."

-- David Perkins, author,
"King Arthur's Round Table"



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