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Roots To Rhythm offers a variety of programs for K-12 students that are educational, interactive, rhythmic, hands-on, and lots of fun!

As integrative arts education experiences, our programs are aligned with state curriculum goals.

Drums and percussion instruments are provided for every student. Our programs are fully participatory!

Programs include:

  • Assemblies
  • Classrooms
  • Artist-In-Residence
  • Parent-School Partnership Events
  • Teacher Workshops
  • After-School and Summer School
  • Special Needs and At-Risk Programs 

Our interactive assembly program offers an exciting, hands-on experience that boosts student spirit and enthusiasm during academic and testing assemblies, spirit week celebrations, reward assemblies, and many more. Special theme requests can be accommodated.

Our classroom, artist-in-residence, and assembly programs help meet State Academic Content Standards in math, science, social studies, and music, and include study guide materials.

Because our programs integrate a full multiple arts experience (including movement, voice, and body percussion) and focus on the improvisational process, creativity and innovative skills are promoted.

Character value themes are delivered throughout our programs, and include multi-cultural and diversity awareness, anti-bullying, team building, peer support, drug-free schools, positive self esteem, tolerance, and respect.

Artist-In-Residence programs are designed to be presented at your school over several days -- typically one to two weeks -- with multiple experiences provided to numerous classrooms. A teachers' workshop and interactive performance program for the community are included.

The "Drumming Up Values" Residency Program (click here to view pdf of program plan) provides students with rhythmic improvisation experiences that create metaphors for character development as students learn to work together to achieve success. In the process, students also learn rhythmic skills.

This program helps meet Title IV - Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities goals

The program was designed during Director Toni Kellar's participation in the Kennedy Center For the Performing Arts' seminar "Designing Effective Instructional Residencies for Students."

Other residency programs can be designed to meet your school's grant programming and arts curriculum needs, and can be adapted to other educational venues such as youth or church camps or community arts programs.

Our teachers' workshop program is an excellent activity for staff development and leadership workshops, opening day for teachers, retreats, or in-service. Themes focus on team building, motivation, stress relief, and stepping-out-of-the-box thinking. Activities incorporating rhythm in classroom learning are demonstrated. A study guide is also provided.



A Roots To Rhythm interactive rhythm-based event is a great tool for enhancing freshman orientations, diversity awareness programs, spirit events, sibling and family weekends, alumni reunions, faculty workshops, and leadership development programs.



The HealthRhythms™ protocol is typically used in youth agency programs, with additional benefits of enhancing self-esteem, working constructively with others, motivation, and a general sense of wellness and stress relief.

A Roots To Rhythm program is an activity that youth and adults alike can share together, on common ground, providing a highly enjoyable wellness activity for outreach events such as Family Fun Days or health fairs.

Group drumming brings to the surface what is difficult to express in words alone, and provides a safe setting for youth to be self expressive.

Drumming is an accessible tool with many benefits for at-risk students, and for those with neurological, behavioral, or developmental challenges.

It stimulates sensorimotor synchronization and raises awareness of interactions with others.

A variety of percussion instruments provides access for all abilities.




"During the past quarter
century, literally thousands of school-based programs have demonstrated beyond question that the arts can not only bring coherence to our fragmented academic world, but through
the arts, students' performance
in other academic disciplines
can be enhanced as well."

-- Ernest Boyer, president,
Carnegie Foundation for the
Advancement of Teaching


Upward Bound program


assembly program


"The arts are an important part
of a well-rounded, complete education for every student."

-- Margaret Spellings,
Secretary of Education,
clarifying the role of the arts in
No Child Left Behind



Upward Bound program




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